Foundry is a leading New Zealand-owned investment management company. We specialise in the management of global investment portfolios for New Zealand investors, who are seeking excellent risk- adjusted returns over the medium to long-term.

Foundry was established to deliver to investors quality financial advice in a clear and transparent fashion. Foundry has grown out of the identification of the limitations in the current delivery of financial advice in New Zealand. 

Foundry’s core belief is that the present model of brokerage received by financial advisers for the recommendations they make is flawed and not in the best interests of clients.




About foundry

Foundry Asset Management Limited is a New Zealand-owned investment and funds management company. Specialising in the management of investment portfolios for investors, who are seeking absolute or positive returns for their investments over time.

Foundry’s primary objective on behalf of clients is “preservation of capital”. With this focus, we seek to deliver our investors’ both sustainable and attractive long term returns.

Foundry aims to articulate and deliver a clear and concise investment strategy based on several simple concepts: 
- Approach all investments with an innate sense of caution, and focus on the underlying “margin of safety”;
- Security in the ownership of the underlying investment is equally paramount.

Foundry, utilising its extensive global contacts and research capabilities, takes these simple concepts and applies them to provide clients access to leading global investment specialists, that in many cases have never been available to New Zealand investors before, culminating in portfolios that are truly world class and at the same time, tax and cost-effective.

Furthermore, unlike many investment managers, Foundry believes, each of the advisers and principals, are obligated to invest alongside clients on exactly the same terms, conditions, and fees, using the same investment specialists. Foundry also favours those global investment specialists who have invested a substantial portion of their own personal wealth in their Fund's alongside their investors.

This we believe ensures true alignment of financial interests between investors and advisers.