Wealth management is a journey requiring different decisions at every stop.

Wealth management is a journey requiring different decisions at every stop.
At Foundry we plot that journey with you, working through the best outcomes for you without taking excessive risk.

We will guide you through every step, helping you to:

Budget, reduce expenditure

Your journey starts with a budget that plots your income and your expenditure and shows you what is possible. 

We divide your spending between that which is for survival, that which is for comfort and that which is for luxury. We will help move your focus from luxuries to the other areas, starting with the repayment of debt.

Set Realistic Goals

When do you want to retire, and what kind of retirement do you want? 

What are your short and medium term goals that come before retirement? 

How much do we need to accumulate to fulfil your goals? 
With the endpoint in sight, we will do a written plan for achieving your goals.

Shorten Mortgage Repayments

Speeding up mortgage repayments saves a lot of interest cost. We will show you how to do that by revisiting the budget. 
Some people feel locked out of the property market, but we can use our expertise and contacts to overcome that problem and find you a mortgage on a minimum deposit. Just talk to us to find out what is possible.


Use KiwiSaver To Your Advantage

Not all KiwiSaver schemes are created equal. And we will steer you to the best providers in this crowded field. The aim here is to use the subsidies that come with this form of saving to your full advantage.

Selection of a KiwiSaver provider is very important and the factors we look into include: What type of fund do you need to be in given your age, risk personality and goals?

Plan For Your Retirement

The earlier you start the better the outcome. At Foundry we will develop the plan to suit your needs, while managing your portfolio through the various stages of the economic cycle.

We are actively engaged in keeping you on track, with regular meetings and discussions with you to discuss where we are and if any changes are needed. 

Develop an Investment Plan

Central to wealth accumulation is an investment plan that sees your wealth growing ahead of the economy while not taking undue risks with your money.